Gangstalker Gagging and Targeting Phases of Targeted Individuals (TI’s)


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gangstalkers II

How Perps Slander Targeted Individuals (TI’s)

The Lie, the Secret, the Recruitement
1 — Slander: Perp approaches the Gagged-Person (GP) — and assassinates the character of the Targeted Individual (TI) — by telling Lies — in order to get the GP infuriated at, or shun the TI.

2 — Gag: Perp gags the Gagged-Person — which keeps their Lies a Secret — while concealing the identity of the cowardly Perp who spread the Lie. (This prohibits the TI from hearing the Lies — or defending their own character).

Important: The Perp may threaten the Gagged Person into complying with the Gag Order.

3 — Recruit: Perp recruits the infuriated Gagged-Person — into participating (perping) against the TI.

Recording about This Topic from This Talk Show:
1045 Chat Summary; slander, character assassination & gag orders by perps — 6 Min.


Gagged — Who’s Gagged about…

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