The Truth about GANGSTALKING

Justifiably Disturbed by Gangstalking

Not Crazy…. Justifiably Disturbed:
The Truth about Gang Stalking

I am a victim of a crime that most people have never heard of.  It is either so new, so obscure, or so hard to explain, that it may be years before it is widely recognized by mainstream law enforcement, and prosecuted for the serious crime that it is.

The crime is Gangstalking and if it wasn’t happening to me, you would have a very hard time convincing me that it could happen to anyone at all.   I now know that there are thousands of victims around the world.

Here in the U.S., Gang Stalking has been reported in all 50 states;  I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg. Many more cases go unreported, or when the police are called, a report may never be filed.  I’ve experienced both situations myself.

The failure to report the crime or have…

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