Gang Stalking Perps in Northern MN., Hibbing MN. Area of St. Louis County

These are acquaintances and family, that have Electronically Harassed me. Either on their own, coerced to do so, or someone impersonating their likeness. And keep in mind that many of the Minnesota Officials have had knowledge of this and sponsor this STATE RUN CRIME SYNDICATE! The FBI Also has COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES OF THESE Spies. Terrorists. Hackers. Pedophiles. Mobsters. Gang leaders/stalkers and conspiring killers! If it looks familiar, it’s an outline of what the FBI Investigates! See more including every single service provider I utilize to sustain life listed and their crimes committed against me and my father who they MURDERED April 2013!~ My Story of Gang Stalking, Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

◾Kelly Biondich
◾Kent Biondich
◾John Atkins
◾Curt (Kurt) Leppa
◾One I’m unsure of (Sissy)
◾Francesca Biondich 
◾Alice Maki,
◾Kim Brletich
◾Celeste Hoglund~Paris
◾Sandy Paris Chamernick
◾Marie Westlund
◾Judy Clark
◾Cliff Tobey
◾Jennifer Tobey
◾Leo Schaefbauer
◾Joe or Mark or both Joe has also assumed the FBI Agent role 
◾Impostor FBI Agent Jimmy Scartozzi 
◾Villery Koski (deceased since 1990)
◾Dorothy Fishel Marks (deceased since 1993) 
◾Arthur and Hilma Koski (both deceased)
◾Roy Koski (deceased since 2005) 
◾Kathleen vulnerable adult incapable of partaking of her own will.
◾Charlotte Koski

◾Eugene Scartozzi
◾Ed Jonak a Federal Agent with the FBI(?)
◾Arlan Matheny ex-husband
◾Sarah Matheny
◾Jessica Matheny
◾Jim Monetti
◾Scott Broker ties to 1997 EH Harassment
◾Jim King ties to 1997 EH Harassment
◾Terry Erickson ties to 1997
◾Shelly Strouss ties to 1997
◾Kelly Perfetti
◾Gladys (Unknown) Staff Fairview Hospital Hibbing
◾Small children I know 
◾Former Special Agent in Charge, Minneapolis Division FBI, Donald E. Oswald! 
◾Steve Antley
◾Vicki Koschak
◾Jodi Oborn Perizzo passed away suddenly 01/31/14 Vacationing in Florida
◾Sandy Stoddard
◾Mike Houghton
◾Steve Marks
◾Several St Louis County Sheriff Deputies 
◾Hibbing Police Department Electronic Surveillance Specialist (Hired late 2006, early 2007. When my online difficulties started!


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