Who Are Gang-Stalkers And Why They Gang-Stalk! Gang-Stalking Exposed!

First off, gang-stalking is a police operation, and when I say a police operation I mean it is local police that are doing it, but police are not the only ones doing it, many many people not in law enforcement also gang-stalk people, why do they do it? they do it because it was police that started it, organized it, and funds it, and anyone that is friends to a police officer or a county sheriff officer will join into it, especially if that person happens to live near the victim or works at the victims place of employment.


4 thoughts on “Who Are Gang-Stalkers And Why They Gang-Stalk! Gang-Stalking Exposed!

  1. wifepoisonedmewithantifreeze

    Gang-stalking is actually sting operations organized and funded by local authority’s and anyone that is buddy’s or girlfriends or relatives to people in law enforcement join in and are unofficial civilian sting operatives.

    Everything they do they do as a sting operation, police are allowed to recruit people into stings, so our government permits police to organize conspiracy’s against their targets/victims under the guise of conducting sting operations.

    Under the guise of sting operations police and their civilian operatives are permitted by government to stage any pretense and allowed to lie and deceive people in order to entrap people!

    Because of this police and their civilian operatives (their bros and girlfriends and relatives) they are free to recruit people into murder conspiracy’s, to organize conspiracy’s, to stage and even commit crimes against others, to fabricate evidence to frame/entrap people, and are pretty much free to do as they please with no consequence for their actions.

    Police have operated this way for a long long time, and it is news media and Hollywood entertainments that you can blame for not being aware of just how bad and corrupt police are.

    When I was a child, around five-six years old, I witnessed my neighbors and the Multnomah county sheriff’s framing someone as a pedophile, the sheriff’s and the neighbors did this as a group, they broke into their target/victims home and a county sheriff officer was inside the home and he was tossing candy bars out a window inside the home.

    The neighbors ordered their children to play in that yard where the county sheriff o9fficer was tossing out candy bars out the window, and those children’s parents were telling the children to get the candy bars.

    The county sheriff officer tossing out the candy bars had his sleeve rolled up, and he only kept his bare arm visible in front of the window as he tossed out candy bars, and the mother of the children that ordered the children to play in that yard and to pick up the candy bars was getting it all on photogenic photo’s using a specialized cameras belonging to the county sheriff’s!

    So I witnessed a county sheriff officer tossing candy bars out a window of a house he did not own nor live in, and I witnessed my neighbors ordering their children to play in that yard and to pick up those candy bars while the mother of the children stood across the street getting all on photogenic photo’s with a camera belonging to the county sheriff’s!

    When they were done the neighbors headed home and were celebrating and laughing about what they just did, they were even talking about going out for a pizza afterwords, and they were verbally labeling the owner of the house where the candy bars were being tossed out the window as a pedophile!

    The mother of the children was also all grins and was stuffing the photogenic photo’s she took into a yellow envelope!

    I was only five-six years old at the time, this took place in 1970 1971, and the mother of the children she ordered to play in that yard and to pick up those candy bars admitted to me the camera was not hers.

    I witnessed the whole thing, but I was too young at the time to understand what was going on, I was like five-six years old, I never heard the term “pedophile” before, so I did not understand what was happening, but I witnessed it, and I never forgot it.

    Those neighbors were not in law enforcement, they were religious, they were Mormons, they were stuck up type of people, and they had connections with people in the Multnomah county sheriff’s.

    For all intents and purposes that was a sting operation framing someone as a pedophile, any time law enforcement recruits civilians into any police operation it is in effect a sting operation, and they were using the sheriff officer as a double of the owner/renter of the house to frame the owner/renter as a pedophile, and neighbors that were not in law enforcement that lived a block away from that house helped the county sheriff’s to frame the owner/renter of the house by providing children to the double so that they could put on a show for photogenic photo’s to frame the owner/renter of the home!

    This occurred in 1970-1971, a long long time ago, so police and their civilian operatives have a long history of ganging up on people, and they get away with it because the whole system is corrupt and always has been.

    The whole point of a sting operation is for multiple people to organize for the purpose of lying and deceiving people in order to frame/entrap people, don’t that sound like criminal conspiracy? yes it does, because it is, but because law enforcement organizes and funds such tactics/operations/crimes it’s not recognized as conspiracy’s, it’s recognized by this government as sting operations.

    Anyone that is buddy’s to people in law enforcement is a civilian sting operative and helps police in targeting people, your coworkers or bosses can be sting operatives for police, landlords and apartment managers usually are civilian sting operatives, anyone that pals around with police on a regular basis or semi regular basis is a civilian sting operative.

    Police even try to turn their victims relatives against the victim by palling around with the victims relatives, police are permitted to do anything for the purposes of conducting sting operations so they have no qualm doing so, and when police recruit civilians into helping them, to lie for them, to help police stage crimes, and so forth, those civilian operatives pretty much have the same immunity as police themselves!

    In other words police/sheriff’s and their civilian bros and girlfriends are free to lie to people and to deceive people and to frame people and to organize more people into their crimes, by common law standards it’s criminal conspiracy, but because the whole system is corrupt, it’s just viewed as sting operations and details are never disclosed to the public, which id why most people know nothing about it.

    1. debmatheny Post author

      This is actually VERY INFORMATIONAL in helping me understand further, this criminal enterprise targeting me in Northern MN. Thank you for commenting!

      1. wifepoisonedmewithantifreeze

        From what little I read about your situation I am sure you know lots already about this, my post was about helping people that no virtually nothing about gang-stalking to better understand, you of course are a pro at understanding and need no basic explanation.

  2. debmatheny Post author

    I have always suspected it to be local law enforcement, primarily the Sheriff and I do have proof to confirm their involvement. I wrestle with what seems to be a common question among the targeted and that’s why me? The targeting I’ve found began in the mid to late 1990’s long before my role in anti public corruption activism. I began exposing my County Corruption following the targeting in 2006-2007 and an entirely different county than the targeting in 1997… With the exception of one common denominator. The prosecutor for the State of Minnesota Judicial district 6 (Hibbing MN where I live) James Borland happened to also in 1997 under the alias Andy Borland Vice President of Fairview Services Minneapolis 1997. During a time I lost everything and he played a significant role then and now. Also the FBI has been iffy on my complaints, though Washington Headquarters has been more receptive than the Minneapolis Field Office or at least that’s how it appears. I never report the criminals to the Sheriff anymore as they have turned my own complaints against me and made many attempts to maliciously prosecute me. I only report this enterprise to the FBI. I also happen upon many individuals , more so than not, that blame the Federal Government and or FBI. Yours has been the first story that I can actually relate to and that is why I replied it was beneficial to me.


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