An Introduction to Police Stalking

St; Louis County Sheriff of Minnesota and the Hibbing Police are definitely a part of a Criminal Racket which also networks within Ramsey County Government Offices and the Fairview Health Services of inneapolis and Hibbing MN via Andy Borland or as known to the Hibbinites… PROSECUTOR FOR THE STATE OF MN. JUDICIAL DISTRICT 6, JAMES ANDREW BORLAND! See PROOF POSITIVE HERE~

Police Stalking, Police Criminality, and Human Rights

Most people will at some point in their lives have experienced bullying. Local neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces are common settings where bullies operate. Bullying is destructive – it can lead to social isolation, dependence on drugs or even suicide. Thankfully, though, in most cases there are limiting factors. For example, bullies are rarely able to penetrate the confines of a private home. Alternatively, in extreme cases, there is the possibility of physical relocation – to a different area, or even to another country.

Now, imagine if that bothersome gang of bullies on the corner near school was a powerful state. Consider that it may have the resources and mandate to install surveillance devices in your private home, track your every movement, and follow you geographically everywhere, even to other countries. Sounds like a wild experiment in totalitarianism on the lines of George Orwell’s 1984? Alas, this kind of government-sponsored…

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