Gang Stalking – Ten ways to tell if gang stalkers live next door.

So if someone next to you never makes any noise, you can be 100% sure they’re gang stalkers . They’re quiet so they can hear and record every phone call you make, what you say, what you do. And it won’t be just one gang stalker, many surround you, and they also will not make any noise. And if you do run into the gang stalkers who live next to you, they’ll be very friendly. They’ll “hello” you and ask you how you’re doing. They’ll look you up and down to notice what you’re wearing, so they can let monitors know what you’re wearing, and everyone can pick you out as a target. They’ll also ask you “Where are you going or doing?” If someone lives near you and their first question is always “Where are you going?”, a gang stalker, for sure. Don’t tell anyone where you’re going, not even your family (they’re usually involved).

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A plastic yellow bucket.

How to tell if gang stalkers live next door:

1.   You never hear the water running in their apartment.

2.    No one ever uses the bathroom.

3.    No one ever takes a shower.

4.   They never use toilet or flash.  They wait until you go out to do what they have to do.

5.    You never hear anyone talking, nor t.v. on.

6.     You never hear anyone cooking.

7.     A sound is never heard from their apartment, but you will always hear a cough.

8.      You never see anyone coming in and out of the apartment, even though you can feel them.

9.       They never turn on the water.  If they do turn on the water, do you  hear a bucket being filled with water?  They mix the  water in the bucket with  pesticide and then spray mixture on you.  They make the  bucket into a sprayer.  I…

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