Why is the current or past target of a Sociopath always “Bi-polar?”

“Gaslighted,” covertly sabotaged by a Sociopath. A common practice among gang stalking perps.

My Sociopath


Paula of “Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath”  brought up this topic and it got me thinking. Most of us involved in an abusive relationship (past or present), was called “crazy” and then we were the “crazy ex” and often times, the “bi-polar” word is attached to our “craziness.” But why aren’t we “Schizophrenic” or “Manic” or even “Histrionic?”  Most Sociopath’s use the “bi-polar” word to describe their “crazy ex” and their resulting “victimization” because of the “crazy ex.”

I came up with what I believe are some answers:

1. Bi-polar is hard to prove or disprove to the casual observer.  Anyone can be bi-polar and it is often hidden behind closed doors.

Regarding a mental illness such as Schizophrenia…now that’s out there!  I have a cousin with Schizophrenia and he rattles off about gps chips planted in his skin; his food being poisoned by the CIA because…

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