Possible Dirty Agent Reported March 13th 2013

A new discovery made a few days ago, more than sheds reasonable suspicion on a recently retired FBI agent and the TIES THAT BIND THEM TO THE RICO of Northern MN! The events of a lil over a year ago, MAKE THIS DISCOVERY, MORE THAN COINCIDENTAL!… And explains the apathy I’ve met with in Minnesota, recently forcing me to go to the FBI Headquarters instead!


If there’s any interested parties that would consider taking this thing on in partnership with me on a contingency basis both in the area of a professional investigator and legal counsel, click on the pic and message me at this page.


See News attached to petition to President Barack Obama and the FBI Washington Headquarters, concerning Minnesota POST (PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND TRAINING) Board A. Paul Monteen and the role played in CONCEALMENT OF THIS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE IN VIOLATION OF THE RICO ACT! https://www.change.org/p/president-barack-obama-order-a-federal-corruption-probe-prosecution-and-criminal-penalties-for-racketeering-activity-performed-as-part-of-an-ongoing-criminal-enterprise



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