Criminology – The 21st Century Criminologist By: Ronald F. Worst – Criminologist (Safety/Security Expert & Fraud Examiner)


Image Ronald F. Worst – Criminologist (Safety/Security Expert & Fraud Examiner)

We are often reminded of the sudden impact of financial crimes, safety and security, and the U.S. Justice System has on our internal psyche. The majority of us are concerned about becoming victims of frauds and scams, assaults and batteries, or having our homes burglarized. We’re also intrigued and fascinated by the news media, social media, and newspapers covering these crimes involving celebrity figures and highly publicized cases of all types. In addition, we are also disgusted and outraged by law enforcement misconduct and negligence upon U.S. citizens.

Decades ago, criminology was about the examination and analytical assessment of crime patterns, typologies, and theories which were a base of all criminologists to teach, learn, and explore. Now, with an increased demand for private practice criminologists to expand even further on crime patterns and analytical assessments, the NEW 21st Century…

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