To the mental health professional, healer heal thyself

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I spent about 15 years in social service agencies in the United States as a social worker serving folks with a large spectrum of mental health issues.   What I learned is that, as a generalization, most mental health professionals are not comfortable with their own unchartered psyches and therefore, project their fear onto the people they are charged to help. This unconscious habit contributes in large part to the incredibly unsuccessful mental health system in our country. It’s much more appropriate to call it a mental illness system as that is what it breeds and perpetuates.

One of the many harmful ways this system manifests is in the massive over-drugging of  individuals who exhibit difficult psychic material — emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I have never been one to say that psychiatric drugs are always unnecessary. They certainly have a place in crisis care and I imagine even in an…

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