Gerald Clark and criminal comrades (St Louis County Sheriff / Olson’s other neighbors) use of Electromagnetic radiation DEW’s

Added 3 new photo’s which I sent to the Department of Homeland Security the 28th of Aug., 2014 to be added to my Civil Rights/Liberties complaint I filed in July on behalf of my murdered father and the continued attempts on my life by the Minnesota State Run Gang Stalking Syndicate comprised of SEVERAL MN DFL PARTY OFFICIALS AND THE PROOF POSITIVE, HERE~

My Story of Organized Crime, Organized Stalking, Public/Political Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

Snapshot_20140828_1The additional photo’s pictured first, were just sent to the Department of Homeland Security (Aug 28, 2014) to add to my Civil Rights/Liberties complaint, of IDENTICAL SOARS ON THE EXACT SAME SPOT, ON BOTH MY ARMS! Naming the Clark’s, Tobey’s, Olson’s (St Louis County Sheriff) and Scartozzi’s as the CONSPIRATORS TO MURDER! All have properties surrounding mine in Silica Twsp Rural Hibbing MN Widsdtrand Rd/County Road. An earlier report to the Minneapolis FBI June 2012 identified a large LIGHT LIKE DEVICE SET UP BEHIND THE CLARKS GARAGE AIMED AT MY HOME! THIS DEVICE WAS DISCOVERED BY ME ON APRIL 3RD 2012 (WHAT FOLLOWED FOR TWO WEEKS WAS THE MOST TERRIFYING EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER KNOWN, AND OCCURRED BEFORE I HAD ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THIS HIDEOUS TECHNOLOGY AND THOSE WHO ABUSE IT! AND CAN BE CORROBORATED BY MY NOW EX-BOYFRIEND, KELLY LOUIS BIONDICH OF HIBBING, ALSO IN COLLUSION WITH THE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE AND ALSO…

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