Minnesota’s MASSIVE RICO and The MN DFL trading in influence (INFLUENCE PEDDLING)



Before re-electing a Minnesota DFL Party endorsed official, I would like to inform you that I have submitted several valid complaints that have merit enough, to the Internal Revenue Service, to warrant them providing me a total of 5 file numbers for further submission of evidence per offender. Rebecca Otto being one of the offenders having knowledge of the Criminal Enterprise (at least since 2011) made up of the publicly corrupt in all sectors of Minnesota for which I have provided ample proof of income derived from Organized Crime to the tune exceeding $100,000.00 (which is what has been defrauded and extorted from my dad and I) The cohorts in the commission of these financial crimes are many a DFL Party Official who upon my revealing a MASSIVE RICO and it’s smaller units to these officials, they chose to further conceal this CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, in violation of the RICO Act! …Everyone DFL endorsed, up for re-election, has knowledge of this (I’ve provided proof for years to some) some have been a party to or in concealment thereof since at least 2007, when I discovered this RACKETEERED, INFLUENCED, CORRUPT, ORGANIZATION You can see some of that proof here~https://mathenydebra.wordpress.com/ I am targeted by several DFL Politicians. Tom Bakk being one who has a history dating back to 2007 as does Attorney General Lori Swanson. There are at least 6 names provided to the Federal Authorities in charge of RICO Investigations of persons who have mysteriously and suddenly died here in Northern MN., one in particular provided me a substantial lead and was dead within a month! This Gang-O-Officials will stop at nothing to silence those who know! …and killing my dad in April 2013 by orchestrating a terror ruled 2 week scenario intended to let me know they were behind it and there was nothing I could do to save him, was their BIGGEST MISTAKE! Because I now not only have NOTHING, I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!


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