A quick word about Gangstalking related comments…

Clearly gang stalkers have stripped us of the freedom to live our lives unharassed, in the pursuit of happiness. Their crimes are far worse, more times than not, than anything real or imagined, that the target of their hatred, may have or may have not done. These stalking campaigns are based on character assassination, that oftentimes, lacks merit, driven by the ignorance of the self righteous, suffering delusions of grandeur and sociopathic narcissists. Who are in fact criminals, operating within a criminal enterprise, comprised of domestic terrorists from all walks of life.

Justifiably Disturbed by Gangstalking

I have quickly realized that I cannot possibly vouch for the credibility of the links you find in the comment area of my blog.   Some of the commenters have blogs with hundreds of posts, going back years.  Some mix up the topic of Gangstalking with theories I cannot possibly endorse. Some are disinformation sites.

My favorite comment was “Stop poking the bear. Instead pick up a 2’x4′ and beat the snot out of him. “ when I checked out the comment author’s blog,  I discovered three important  things:   He does indeed seem to be a real victim of Gang Stalking.  He is openly racist, and fanatical  in his hatred of Gays.

I do not want to endorse those beliefs, by directing traffic to his blog, however the fact that he is a real TI, creates a bit of a dilemma.

My personal philosophy is that everyone should be…

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