Crime Victims’ Rights Act: A Summary and Legal Analysis of 18 U.S.C. 3771

Section 3771 of Title 18 of the United States Code is a statutory bill of rights for victims of
crimes committed in violation of federal law or the laws of the District of Columbia.

Numbered among the rights it conveys are (1) the right to be reasonably protected from the
accused; (2) the right to notification of public court and parole proceedings and of any release of
the accused; (3) the right not to be excluded from public court proceedings under most
circumstances; (4) the right to be heard in public court proceedings relating to bail, the acceptance
of a plea bargain, sentencing, or parole; (5) the right to confer with the prosecutor; (6) the right to
restitution under the law; (7) the right to proceedings free from unwarranted delays; and (8) the
right to be treated fairly and with respect to one’s dignity and privacy.

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One thought on “Crime Victims’ Rights Act: A Summary and Legal Analysis of 18 U.S.C. 3771

  1. debmatheny Post author

    In spite of thousands of complaints with substantial evidence against many named entities, the lack of service and protection offered me, the lack of properly administered law and justice and the complete negligence of many is the scapegoat in which the State of Minnesota run Organized Stalking Syndicate further DEPRIVES ME OF Y RIGHTS! IF THEY IGNORE IT, APPARENTLY IT NEGATES IT’S EXISTENCE AND LEAVES ME NO WAY TO ENFORCE MY RIGHTS AGAINST THESE VILE EVIL LOCAL MURDER CONSPIRING CRIMINALS! …WHICH IS WHY I’LL BE HERE EVERY F*CKING MINUTE OF EVERY F*CKING DAY POSTING THE TRUTH UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED!


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