To the Minnesota Department of Human Rights~My 1st. Formal Complaint (Sept. 2007) naming Minnesota St Louis County Government/St Louis County Sheriff Department

205223_517022075010788_301124683_n (5)
An intake interview with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, was conducted prior to the formal application (Seen here Q # 82973), There is a very strict criteria concerning what constitutes discrimination. My complaint submitted in Sept., 2007, based on the initial phone interview was found to fit that criteria by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights. The agency named in the complaint, See More

— with Lori Swanson, Amy Klobuchar,Governor Mark Dayton, Tom Bakk and James Oberstar.

What are Human Rights
It is the duty of States to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms, regardless of their political, economic and cultural systems.

What are Human Rights.
National human rights institutions, established and operating under the Principles Relating to the Status of National Institutions (the Paris Principles), in particular in regard to quasi-judicial competence, may serve as effective means of addressing individual human rights violations. Posted to my blog from the United Nations Human Rights website. complaint page~

These are just a few of the communications (collection of spanning 7 yrs) for relief from these atrocious violations against my fathers and my rights.

A Civil Rights/Liberties complaint has since been filed against the Minneapolis FBI as well as all other State Agencies and Minnesota DFL Party Officials who continue to conceal this MASSIVE CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OPERATING IN MINNESOTA THAT HAS TARGETED ME VIA WHISTLE-BLOWER RETALIATION AND REPRISAL SINCE I DISCOVERED AND REPORTED IT!

Department of Homeland Security / The United States Department of Justice /Internal Revenue Service / FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation / Chuck Grassley

The Hennepin County Sheriff Office was very helpful and I appreciate that an investigator actually reviewed the packet of legal docs and material, referring my case to the MN MnDPS_BCA – Bureau of Criminal Apprehension who in turn DID NOTHING! Sheriff, Rich Stanek is the only Law Enforcement Officer I have respect for! THE ONLY ONE!

The Minnesota Department of Human Rights has a iffy history at actual enforcing the rights of WE THE PEOPLE VICTIMIZED IN MINNESOTA AND BY MINNESOTA ONE IN THE SAME TO A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE… AND I HAVE PROVED IT! Read more including Newspaper publications…and this is IN PART, exactly why, MN. Sate Ethics Enforcement Agencies received an F for a grade given by the Read more here~


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