Ethics on Financial Misappropriation


Image Ronald F. Worst – Criminologist (Safety-Security & Fraud Examiner)


The financial criminal’s abilities to establish personalities within themselves to cover up their realistic characteristics of power and control, attention, greed etc. has become challenging to uncover by their victims, employers, co-workers, and fraud examiners. There unique ability to “blend in” to social groups and corporate environments has created red flags of proactive financial (financial fraud prevention standards) misappropriation standards in reducing the probability of a financial crime. There constant surveying of potential victims is like an adrenaline rush in establishing a challenge for themselves to succeed in creative ways on taking your money.  One proactive deterrent approach for financial fraud prevention techniques is the understanding of the financial criminal. Behavioral psychology when applied to these types of crimes can contribute in deterring potential financial misappropriation. Listed below are basic principles to assist on your own…

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