The Poet in My Heart


Sarah is my 27 year old daughter, who in late 2010, early 2011, I reported as being kidnapped. A Fridley Minnesota police report exists (upon her release) as does a report to the Minneapolis FBI, prior to said release. In fact it was my acknowledgement to her (and them) that I had contacted the FBI that I believe led to the perpetrators releasing her. She was dropped off at the Menards in Fridley MN.

She texted me, sporadically, during this time. At first I believed her, that she sneaked these texts to me in secret, though it was my text to her that I had made a report of kidnapping to the FBI, and my belief that they read those texts that resulted in her release. I even at one point believed her to have colluded with these perps and still do, but believe it to have been fear driven. She did inform me threats to harm her family were made. The circumstances involved were strongly indicative to sex trafficking which upon our reunion, she confirmed to me. She was 23 when this nightmare began. To cut to the chase, I have always had my suspicions of people that were in her life. Older woman (40+), who were from out-state (North Dakota) as well as a random bunch of people I had little knowledge of. A person in common all these older woman had was Jodi L. Oborn Perrizo, also passed away suddenly last winter. I have alleged and still maintain that the circumstances surrounding Sarah and Jodi’s friendship were peculiar. Jodi was an employee of a juvenile facility that Sarah was in when they met. She was an adult having a position of authority.

Sarah stayed with me from January until May 2011 and returned to the Twin Cities. I lost touch with her completely, until her Grandfathers funeral last April 2013. One of our visits last summer 2013 she confided in me that the woman she called to come up North where we lived (Hibbing) to pick her up, was in fact one of the woman that was either trafficked or aiding the traffickers. I met this woman where Sarah previously worked as she also was a co-worker (coincidence that a woman associated with the people from the alleged kidnapping, was now a co-worker?)

Sometime in September 2013, following my last visit to the Cities to see her, she quit texting and calling and we became estranged. When she was here living with me for the 5 months in 2011, and rational, her and I determined that those who had her were somehow tied to those who target me.

Following the passing of her friend(?) Jodi in late January, another older woman from North Dakota entered Sarah’s life, and I became concerned in April 2014 when Sarah assisted by her sister Jessica (Who I’ve disinherited) began an online character assassination against me, in part due to my research and knowledge from others that tied my oldest daughters family (the Baileys) to some of the more peculiar events that had transpired over the years in my life, as well as her and her husband began targeting me also. The common denominator tying them (the Bailey’s) to me was a former friend(?) of mine, who robbed a grand father clock from my home that she rented from me in 1997. A home and 5 acres I would eventually lose to this Organized Crime Syndicate along with 5 acres of property in Vadnais Heights MN 1997 and Andy Borland/James Andrew Borland played a significant role also. Then as VP of Fairview Health Services Minneapolis. Who IRONICALLY NOW TARGETS ME (PREVIOUSLY TO HIS MURDER, MY DAD) THROUGH THE COURT SYSTEM JUDICIAL DISTRICT 6 HIBBING AS PROSECUTOR FOR THE STATE OF MN AND MORE RECENTLY HE’S REPLACED HIS BOSS RICHARD SELLMAN AS CITY OF HIBBING ATTORNEY) That same friend re-appeared in my daughter Jessica’s life as her mother-in-law Colleen Bailey’s friend who was the photographer at my daughter and her sons wedding in September 2006. I only remember her first name as Pat.

My online searches of the last two weeks of Sarah’s life found her to have been incarcerated for a domestic. I’m assuming against Stephanie Griffey, the latest 40+ yr. old woman to prey on my beautiful daughter. Upon making this discovery in May 2014, I again made a report, this time to the local Advocates for Human Rights and the St Paul Police Department as Sarah is a protected class of people per the Human Rights Act as a Disabled Vulnerable Adult.



2may-8-sarah (1)

…and on October 1st., I received the tragic news, that the demons I’d been fighting for the past 4 years, took the life of my baby, AND I WILL NEVER BELIEVE OTHERWISE!

I am estranged from my ex-husbands family as a result OF THAT WHICH I KNOW TO BE THE TRUTH! Therefore I will not be attending Sarah’s memorial service, being provided by them. I stand on God’s word and will take no part in their evil, especially to memorialize the one person in this whole world I was closest to and believe in my heart of hearts, met foul play from the very same gang of organized stalkers, that walk among them… Keep very far from a false matter and (be very careful) not to condemn to death the innocent and the righteous, for I will not justify and acquit the wicked (Ex. 23:7).

This preceded the death of my beautiful daughter~

We joked when she lived here in 2011 and called ourselves, Deb and Daughter Detective(s)… and we were gonna figure out the who’s, why’s, where’s and how they tied one unto the other… Her departure from this world in this manner, confirms my worst fears, come to fruition. …and YES, Sarah, WE WILL!

RIP my Angel, YOU’RE FREE!

This is my favorite picture of Sarah. The glass is cracked and the pic stuck to it. It captures her beautiful spirit, before the world took her captive…

6 thoughts on “The Poet in My Heart

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  2. intrepidbynature

    Incredibly sad story, but so true of the FBI.
    BOTH the Nashville and Denver Offices of the FBI know of gang stalking and stalkers claims of being the “New Mafia” through my giving them BOTH audio, video and stills from a 35mm camera.
    This continual crime is both federal and state and involves Human Trafficking for sex and slavery.
    Yet the FBI does nothing. Even though they also have more than 200 license numbers of those involved like JPN 187 (NM Plate on a black Suburban) that means JPN – my initials… 187 – the National Police Code for MURDER and implying that I would be murdered. Another one from an unknown state is BZN 0187 that I saw a few days ago. (have NO clue what BZN is or means to them – a friend suggested “be Zen or die” – to which I responded F**k them, I follow Yahweh and they can kiss my ass!)
    Every time in the past when I visited Federal LE to inform them of Interstate Racketeering, there was a black limo in the parking lot.
    The Nashville Office said they didn’t investigate the crimes I presented to them, which was Human Trafficking using subliminal mind control and Interstate Racketeering… a violation of the RICO Act.
    The Denver Office said they would look into it.
    What they actually did was follow me around for a week or two, then disappear back into their Official Hidey-Hole.
    Even though everything in my complaint was readily apparent in my environment, including SAW 2311 – the initials of a girl I knew and her house number, they did nothing then and refuse to do anything now.
    The FBI, entirely, are as useless as tits on a boar hog.
    It seems that their only job is to prosecute the KNOWN innocent falsely and to railroad the STUPID (Timothy McVeigh). Official Lines are more often than not, Official LIES.
    I have NO respect for the FBI or any other government agency. And even less respect for ANY Crime Organization like the ODumbass Administration, EPA or DoJ.
    “IF” there is a god, I sure hope he acts BEFORE billions are exterminated by some incredibly evil people… because most people are too chickenshit to do the right thing (like King David or Gideon did).
    I am quite tired of being stalked by morons, hence,

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  5. debrakayanda

    Adrenaline Junkies who feed off blood and suffering , YOU and YOUR organization are nothing but spiritual vampires , who get titalated with killing , stealing , and destroying , like Your Father Satan.

    Your not getting away with anything.


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