‘Christian’ Gang Stalkers – ‘Christians’ Yoked with devil worshipers, False Christians – YouTube

Many of those that I’ve identified as my Gang Stalkers are in fact professed Christians and many of those are professed Catholics, and those within my local township of Silica Minnesota are known to our community as DEVOUT CATHOLICS are Marie Westlund, (discovered this morning is still up to her conniving tricks befriending the only LEO I’ve any faith in, when this far into the end times she should be confessing and REPENTING! EVIL BITCH!) Marie Westlund is also a 1st Responder for the Silica Volunteer Fire Department. Sandy Chamernick and sister Celeste Hoglund Both former Paris’s and owners of BilMar’s Supper Club – Hibbing, MN – Steakhouse  Joan Vincent, Debbie Vincent and Joan Novoselac, formerly a Vincent, Kim Brletich (also has ties to the Fairview Health Services networking for the MASSIVE MINNESOTA RICO where the MURDER OF MY FATHER WAS FACILITATED at the Hibbing Hospital Fairview Range(all of whom I’ve known my whole life) all PROFESSED CATHOLICS AND PARTIES TO this heinous Conspiracy Against Rights   under 18 U.S. Code § 241 in which MY DAUGHTER SARAH AND FATHER BOTH LOST THEIR LIVES (PUNISHABLE BY LIFE IN PRISON OR DEATH) assisted by many (The Scartozzi’s, Mark and Joe have extensive ties within this community as REGULAR patron alcoholics of Bil-mars Supper Club) also aided and abetted by the CORRUPT County Sheriff – StLouis County Sheriff’s Office (2 deputies I have identified and can be PROVED!), have played in the past a significant role 04/03/12 through 04/19/12 I was nonstop electronic harassed which nearly cost me (AND PROBABLY SHOULD HAVE COST ME) MY LIFE! THESE ARE THE FACTS AND TRUTH! WHICH MORE THAN REASONABLY SUSPICIOUS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AND ASSOCIATIONS RELATED TO THOSE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES, POSTED ON THIS BLOG, CONFIRMS!

My circumstances goes to show that just because you’re a member of a RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION, DOES NOT A TRUE CHRISTIAN MAKE!


‘Christian’ Gang Stalkers – ‘Christians’ Yoked with devil worshipers, False Christians – YouTube.


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