Satanism, Baphomet & Pentagram Reach New Levels of Indoctrination

Those gang stalking me (Gerald and Judy Clark in particular) display satanic symbols, demons and Nazi memorabilia on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY! Even entering the structures (to leave on display Hitler literature, found by me right by the door as I entered my dads porch, while he lived there! Freemason tokens were found in his garage by me the summer of 2012) I OWN TO DO SO! Symbols popular to this luciferian (satanist) criminal clan are the Pagan god, Pan, the world’s most infamous sex predator and a variety of of other depictions of demons and perversions, intrusively, imposed upon me. Truly we are in the end times! Satan is working relentlessly to corrupt and destroy everything that stands in the way of the coming Antichrist. Satan uses his minions of demons known in my case as gang stalkers to carry out a satanic program targeting true Christians. The Blood of Christ the only protection!

COINTELPRO & the Truth About Organized Stalking & 21st Century Torture

“Tonight the Illuminati reaches a new level of indoctrination.” 

Thus was the intro to the new Cartoon Network show, “Mr. Pickles” on September 21, 2014.

“Mr. Pickles” involves the adventures of a 6 year old boy and his demonic murderous dog, Mr. Pickles. The show features graphic images of mutilations, savage beheadings, satanic pentagrams and baphomet thrones; all in the name of comedy.

The introduction to the show speaks in truth as to new levels of satanic indoctrination by the Illuminati through television programming.

Here is video of the introduction to the first episode of the “Mr. Pickles” show. Note: the music was added by the publisher and not the Cartoon Network.

New satanic statue and black mass held at the Oklahoma City Courthouse September 21, 2014. vFIemmhY7nQT1MWuz-5YgZ52um1_i6iKtrH2O-sb-35AyRL3h7NtjQyuXgl9u3hk0K9m2DrfknaZ1HQunpTRo06CAmy2o9H2oWvbXdZL0BvcpaeFuEjkUBXit8FKQdKOg9iMuw-89MOxHiL7=w1012-h568

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