An Introduction to Police Stalking | Police Stalking, Police Criminality, and Human Rights

My circumstances involve the St Louis County Sheriff, The Hibbing Police Department, County, City and State of Minnesota Government, PRIMARILY, The Minnesota DFL Party, a step cousin (by marriage) Joe Scartozzi Columbia Heights Police Department Reserve Officer, His Step Mother my DISOWNED AUNT (Dad’s youngest sister) Charlotte Koski and her husband Eugene Scartozzi and another cousin Mark Scartozzi. The Scartozzi’s have a seasonal cabin (12645 Widstrand Rd Hibbing MN) adjoining my property. Neighbor Domestic Terrorists in collusion on the other side of my property are Gerald and Judy Clark, 12642 Widstrand Rd aided by their adult children Master Sgt Timothy Clark United States Air Force and Liz Silbernick Fairview Health Services as well as the Olson’s owners of the 12652 Widstrand Rd. Hibbing MN place who also have at least 2 family members employed within the St Louis County Sheriff Department. What began as the bias and unfair administration to justice has escalated to inhumane use of electronic technology (ESPIONAGE COMMITTED BY TIM CLARK) the transfer of knowledge concerning said technology to the general public (my neighbors) in collusion MURDER MY DAD/RECENTLY MY DAUGHTER and conspiracy to commit murder, MINE! THIS HEINOUS CONSPIRACY INVOLVES SEVERAL LOCAL BUSINESSES, HEALTH AND GERIATRIC CARE FACILITIES WHICH Liz Clark the daughter of the terrorist family next door, Gerald and Judy Clark, joined in December as an employee of Fairview Health Services. A service also used to target me in 1997 by Andy Borland as Vice President Fairview Services Minneapolis, now practicing law in Hibbing MN as the Prosecutor for the State Judicial District 6 and City of Hibbing Attorney who also is Richard Selmans Partner within Sellman Law Offices who JUST HAPPENS TO BE GERAL AND JUDY CLARKS CROOKED PRIVATE ATTORNEY! ETC. ETC. ALSO INCLUDES THE NEIGHBORS ACROSS THE COUNTY ROAD Cliff and Jenifer Tobey and their connection to the Hibbing Health Care System (Jennifer Tobey) and he (Cliff Tobey) a lobbyist connected to the Minnesota DFL, PRIMARY FACILITATORS OF SOME OF THE MOST HEINOUS TARGETING IMAGINABLE! YOU HAVE TO SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT AND I HAVE IT ALL EXPOSED HERE ON MY BLOG~

An Introduction to Police Stalking | Police Stalking, Police Criminality, and Human Rights.
Most people will at some point in their lives have experienced bullying. Local neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces are common settings where bullies operate. Bullying is destructive – it can lead to social isolation, dependence on drugs or even suicide. Thankfully, though, in most cases there are limiting factors. For example, bullies are rarely able to penetrate the confines of a private home. Alternatively, in extreme cases, there is the possibility of physical relocation – to a different area, or even to another country.

Now, imagine if that bothersome gang of bullies on the corner near school was a powerful state. Consider that it may have the resources and mandate to install surveillance devices in your private home, track your every movement, and follow you geographically everywhere


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