#TargetedIndividuals~Last Days Ministries : You Are A Dangerous Generation

Last Days Ministries : You Are A Dangerous Generation.

Have you ever seen a movie where people keep trying to kill someone… only that person doesn’t realize someone is after them? Strange things keep happening. Near misses, so-called accidents, explosions they barely escape, etc. The audience knows what’s going on. They keep anxiously hoping that person will realize someone is trying to take them out. That they are a target. 

But it takes this “target” over half the movie to figure it out. When they finally do, they start fighting back. Getting smart. Avoiding danger. Dodging bullets. Planning counter attacks. Winning. 

But even after they figure out they’re a target, it’s usually near the end of the movie before they can figure out WHY someone is after them. WHY they are a target. Finally they realize it’s something they have, or know… or perhaps just who they are… that makes them so important to destroy. 

So it is with your generation. 

Sometimes you have to recognize the intensity of the enemy’s attack before you understand just how much of a threat your are… how dangerous you are. 


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