MN. Governor Dayton, We the People want an Investigation!

This is an ongoing event, online, everyday! I’ll be Exposing Corruption in Minnesota State Office St Paul, The Minnesota DFL Party, The City of Hibbing MN Government (cityofhibbing) MN. St. Louis County Government, Attorney Law Offices, Law Enforcement THROUGHOUT MINNESOTA, Police – City of Hibbing/County Sheriff – St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office,  6th District Home – Minnesota Judicial Branch, Silica, MN., Unorganized Township 55-21 Silica Volunteer Fire Department /Silica Community Center – Hibbing, MN – Social Services (MEMBERSHIP ENROLLEES) Minnesota State Office St Paul The FBI — Minneapolis FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation and The United States Department of Justice as well as exposing accomplices within the Public and Private Sector, Entertainment/Media Sector, Digital/Wireless Communications Sector, via McFarland & Co, Health Care Sector of Minnesota (Fairview Range/Fairview Health Services/HealthEast Care System) also known as Corporate America, a Nationwide Crime Syndicate, silencing and eliminating those deemed a threat to their CORRUPTION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF THEIR HIDDEN NWO (New World Order) AGENDA, through the use of a systemic form of control similar to McCarthyismCOINTELPRO, and Red Squad programs. Red Squad programs were used for monitoring, and harassment of various groups. They have been in place for over a hundred years, and they also employed Covert Human Intelligence Sources, also known as Civilian Spies, and or Community Policing And Harassment Programs which Hire Offenders and Criminal Informants In Exchange for Keeping Them Out of Jail, and or Leniency in Sentencing.
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Gang Stalking, the NWO & End Times Bible Prophecy

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MN. Governor Dayton, We the People want an Investigation
The corrupt St. Louis County schemers are responsible for the death (murder) of my father.

These same corrupt schemers, in the past, have been involved in the suspicious deaths, of three detainees while in custody. It was my exposure of the corruption saturated Hibbing MN. District 6, St. Louis County law enforcement, judicial and attorneys, that caused those corrupt bureaucrats, to instigate, this heinous crime against my dad.


Exactly 1 week following the circulation of this petition, the orchestrated events that lead to his murder, ensued. Once by his side at the hospital, his first words to me were, “this is a conspiracy”. Two weeks later following many suspicious events, he was dead! Euthanized! This heinous orchestration of events that extinguished the life of my father, ensued, EXACTLY, one week following the assembly and publication of the petition to Governor Mark Dayton~

My father, an Army Vet, was deemed not worthy of life, by the corrupt health care providers their co-conspirators and the ALLEGED, professionally operated, living facilities (independent, nursing homes and hospice) of the elderly and disabled.

When Dr. Anthony Gonzales and others realized my father would not be liquidating his assets… yes Dr. Gonzales had the audacity to bring the subject of asset liquidation up and made the comment to my father that “no one lives forever”, Gonzales and others orchestrated a heinous scheme to murder my dad and cover it up, all under the guise of healthcare!

I am in the process of bringing wrongful death claims against, Dr. Anthony Gonzales, the Fairview Range Mesabi Hospital in Hibbing, North Star Hospice, the Guardian Angels Nursing Home, the St. Louis County Dept. of Health and Minnesota Department of Human Services Aging and Adult Services Division Adult Protection.

I believe this a far too common practice within our geriatric care facilities and hospitals. The new genocide of the 21st. century, euthanasia – deliberate killing of the elderly! Join me on Facebook for a detailed look at the abuse my father was subjected to within a two week time frame leading to his death. News stories also posted on the below events page and the petition page located at the bottom of this post.

Anthony M Gonzales, MD – Family Medicine in Hibbing, MN –

Patient Reviews: Dr. Gonzales comes across as caring more about pushing you out the door as quickly as possible than helping with whatever may be ailing you. He is quite arrogant. I’ve noticed though he is the on-call doctor quite a bit of the time, probably to do with his lack of experience and time at the Essentia Clinic-Hibbing. Dr. Anthony Gonzales’s overall average patient rating is poor. Another person states, he’s more worried about his license to practice medicine, than the patient.

He should be worried about his license, very worried!

I am exposing and seeking justice concerning the cover up death of my elderly father. He was neglected, abused, tortured and involuntarily euthanized by an attending physician(s) at the Fairview Range Mesabi Hospital in Hibbing. This euthanasia was assisted by the Guardian Angels Nursing Home in Hibbing, North Star Hospice Staff an affiliate of the aforementioned hospital, St. Louis County Dept. of Health and Minnesota Department of Human Services Aging and Adult Services Division Adult Protection.

Please stand with me in support of my petition ~

The series of suspicious events that led to my fathers death (murder) ensued 1 week following the assembly and circulation of my petition to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton: Order an Independent Investigation Addressing the Corruption. This followed over a decade of my father and I being the targets of the bias administration of the law and justice at the hands of the St. Louis County Sheriff Department, Hibbing Division, St Louis County Attorney(s), Corrupt Private Attorney Richard Sellman and Associates, assisted by his clients, the elite private sector accomplices, (my neighbors) Gerald and Judy Clark, their family and friends and numerous others, listed on the petition. I have been an activist against Public Corruption for the same length of time, over a decade… and that is why I am targeted and retaliated against!

Review the supporting material I’ve posted on my timeline and notes & photos~

My Events Page, MN. Governor Dayton, We the People want an Investigation ~

~as well as the Petition News, posted and updated regularly on the Petition Page

Please stand with me in support of my petition ~ If you haven’t done so, PLEASE SIGN and SHARE!

Thank You,
Deb Matheny

— with Lori Swanson, Tom Bakk, Amy Klobuchar, Rebecca Otto, Al Frankenand Governor Mark Dayton.



One thought on “MN. Governor Dayton, We the People want an Investigation!

  1. jeezuzz

    I’m shocked. hi debra and freinds. My heart breaks for you. Saw your facebook. Prayers. The scriptures say there will be perilous times, death, hardship, and horrible times but God is about judge this world by wrath. Tribulation as never before and these corrupted men and gov officials who do evil secretly will be exposed to all.
    Lord strengthen these here who are afflicted. Give us hope and joy knowing your promise will unfold amen.
    We will pray and fast.
    Patrick L. In mpls.


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