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Judicial Code Red defined by Don Mashak

Don Mashak's Political Dissent Definitions

The Truth about Judicial Code Red The Truth About Judicial Code Red

Code Red Refers to any unwritten rule that is generally officially denied.

Code Red is a term from the movie “A Few Good Men”. In the movie, Code Red is a term US Marines stationed at Gitmo (Guantanamo Bay,Cuba) call physical punishment given out for a variety of infractions. As such physical punishment in this manner violates the military rules, officially it does not exist.

Judicial Code Red is/are the various unwritten rules that US Lawyers, Judges and Court personnel abide by.

Among the unwritten Judicial Code Red rules are:

  1. Lawyers don’t  run in elections against sitting judges;
  2. Lawyers not asking certain questions or doing certain things because they would be embarrassing to the court system;
  3. Lawyers only allow to be put on the record evidence that will allow the Judge to rule in accordance with the desired results the judge has “telegraphed” to…

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