5 thoughts on “My PayPal

  1. jeezuzz

    Hello again Deb. I wrote a hello note few years back. Still shocked. Still unable to read all the storys of corruption. It to hard to face full reality and the child sex death cult.
    I can hardly handle ordinary life in the metro mpls. I live in prior lake the corruption is mounting. The casinos are bad.
    I just want to encourage you to stay strong and know that we are close to expose evil and justice and judgement follow. Praying Trumps team will prevail 2020.
    I believe in Gods plan. Blessings patrick lynard 55 @ hot mail

  2. jeezuzz

    Hope you see your dear child soon. It is the most grieving story for a mother.
    I am reading the Rucci/Grazinni case from the corrupt ed dakota court and attorneys. They blocked Dede Evavold of her data. She appealed to the mn supreme court. The judge on the case blocked the evidence of both Evavold and Grazinni the mother of the children. Both were jailed for no reason. Now an author Brodkorb and teamed with Mann a paralegal for david Rucci are profiteering off of a book. Children missing in mn.
    They just had a book signing at burnsville Barnes&noble.
    None of the book show any wrong doing by David Rucki.
    These poor children already told councelors and investigators of the wrongs and violence.
    We pray US courts justices turn conservative these children need there day in court.

  3. jeezuzz

    Hi Deb. I cant stop thinking about your greiving story.
    Red Herring on word press was removed supposedly a court order by Dakota county. 5 to 6 months ago.. Dede evavold(st cloud) has worked nonstop and bodly to expose corruption. And the authors Brodkorb and Mann a fictional book of the Rucky/Grazini case. I think dede was jailed 2 times. As Sandra Grazini also. It is outrageous yet our community and media is dead on the issues.
    God bless you Deb..


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