🚨💥Minnesota’s Elite Child Trafficking Pedophile Ring, it knows no party preference #MinnesotaDFL #MNGOP💥🚨 Minnesota Election 2018


NXIVM, Folger family, Minnesota DFL Members, my family the Koski’s, Scartozzi’s, ex in-laws the Matheny’s, and the main PREDATOR since I976, my neighbor, the Gerald Clark family.
Clinton/Pawlenty, Michigan Childrens Charity, Minnesota Leos, etc. Assasinations under the guise of Murder/Suicide, & Suicide👈There are actually too many of these for me to list here…
Minnesota Sheriff committs suicide after child sex abuse allegations.
Murder Suicide members/vics familial ties to Rory Strange St. Louis County Minnesota Social Services Triage Social Worker
St. Louis County Minnesota Social Services Triage Social Worker Laura Summers. ☝️👇In part why I’m being retaliated against via EXTENSIVE, (since 2014) honest service fraud from this agency, in collusion with the Post Office, particular to time sensitive material.
https://mobile.twitter.com/search?q=Laura%20Summers%20debmatheny&src=typed_query&f=live👈Removing the @ from my Twitter handle will result in different search results on twitter. Part of the censorship I’ve experienced becuse I have researched all current politicians both parties that are running in this yrs elections, and encouraged Minnesotan’s to hashtag their favs names with my twit handle to see their connections to this horrific network of public servant child predators of #Minnesota. Minnesota Midterms 2018, #MN2018 Election.
Sarah Jean Matheny former adult survivor of CPS Child Trafficking (St. Louis County MN and Ramsey County MN and my ex inlaws Ardell Rothstein Patrick Matheny, Marilyn Johnson Matheny, Arnold & Ardith Matheny and my ex husband convicted level 3 sex offender Arlan Lloyd Matheny, LENGTHY history with Manner Dairy family owners i.e. Chisholm Chief of Police Vern Manner, do hashtag searches, Chisholm home of GERALD CLARKS prvt atty Richard Sellman, #WheresBeaner and the Otto/Just bff’s of my estranged surviving daughter  Jessica Matheny and son in-law Greg Bailey ALSO INVOLVED) turned permanently silenced witness/vic September 2014. Note the last names🙄These are the so called ruling class elite who think they’re above those of us they call cattle and sheep. …It’s much more evil, but for the average civilian, I’ll leave it at that.😐
Tim Pawlenty/Vin Weber
Strzok ties to University of Minnesota Minneapolis and Duluth Haiti and African Charities/aFoundation, and my family.
Amy Klobuchar, Clinton, Silsby, Haiti
Leniency is shown to their grunt puppet recruits, and Methamphetamine their drug of choice to addict and entice with.
It was 2 ounces of Meth. My dad paid her bail. https://mobile.twitter.com/DebMatheny/status/941041481527242753
Ashton Matheny/Savanna Greywind, baby snatchers and much more
Grazzini Rucki case
☝️💥TIP OF THE ICEBERG💥☝️ It’s all on my Twitter timeline, spanning years❗
If you can help me stave off the heinous retaliation it would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Remember what you’ve read here come Minnesota Election 2018 #MN2018 PLEASE! YOUR FAMILY, DAUGHTER, GRANDDAUGHTER, ELDERLY FATHER, OR YOU COULD BE NEXT!

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