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 My story of the most vile evil imaginable right here in the state of #Minnesota, my hometown of Hibbing, doing unimaginable evil to kids. #ChildSexTrafficking #Murder #OrganHarvesting #HumanSlaughter, by the #Minnesota Connection faction of the Elite Pedophile Cartel

The darkest evil imaginable right here in Minnesota, ties to Hibbing, and the Twin Cities! I’ve exposed what’s known as the Minnesota Connection, responsible for the child sex trafficking and murders of my daughter and granddaughter. I name names on Twitter. @DebMatheny

V4CR Update & Strategy Sept 17, 2017  

Petition Update · Reintroduce Bill H.R.2977 — Space Preservation Act of 2001, to include original language BANNING MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES! · Change.org

Petition Update · Reintroduce Bill H.R.2977 — Space Preservation Act of 2001, to include original language BANNING MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES! · Change.org.

Character Assassination by Family Members

In many cases of gang stalking, long before a target is even stalked, the perpetrators set out to fabricate and twist reality through a campaign of character assassination. The usual route is for the perps to make the target appear to have hidden dark secrets, to be highly unstable, a threat to the community or family, a longtime drug abuser, a child molester, prostitute –whatever is perceived by the community to be the most dangerous and/or undesirable type of person.


Why do Friends/Family Members Go Along with the Stalking Perps?


Goood question. From what I can tell, these so-called caring family members 1) cannot think for themselves and seemingly believe the lies told them about the target, 2) believe the lies and so also believe that the target is in some way deserving of the harassment and attacks, 3) is scared not to cooperate with those who have presented themselves as official law enforcement or government agents, 4) are not privy to most of the information about the extreme lengths of torture and harassment that the target has been subjected to, and/or has been given to believe that such treatment is ‘for the target’s own good’.


Sadly, the reality seems to be that it’s usually a combination of the above items, and does not excuse the friends/family members keeping from the target information about their being contacted by agencies seeking to harm their family member. Regardless of how they may have been lied to or misled, the very act of deceit through withholding information relevant to the safety of the target is a blatant violation of family/friend trust. It is impossible to believe in any of these cases of family/friend involvement that it is unclear to the family members that their participation will only harm the target. note: be very careful about assuming your family is involved, when quite often they are just at a loss as to how to react to what a target reports of their experiences. I merely mean to point out some of what seems to happen in cases where family members of a target so become involved in harassment.


Read more on Gang Stalker Character Assassination and Family Member Gang Stalkers here~ http://gangstalkingjournal.com/tactics/slander-lies-lies-lies/

I have written how my youngest daughter, Sarah Matheny staged her own kidnapping with a bunch of meth head tweekers in late 2010 and early 2011 and manufactured a crazy scenario which her grandfather and I fell for, rescuing her, bringing her into our lives, which she then proceeded to destroy! It was during this time that my elderly father fell victim to a mysterious illness, which suddenly rendered him more disabled than he already was. Sarah premeditated with her tweeker friends this scenario which would turn out to be the begging of the demise of his and my lives, forever changed by someone we once adored and loved!

The staged kidnapping was reported to the FBI (I was unaware it was staged until much later) as it was the most terrifying experience a mother can imagine! The events that have followed and unfolded since, also reported to the FBI concerning the grander scheme and the more terrifying yet unbelievable realization that she (Sarah) could or even would take part in such an atrocious violation of human rights perpetrated upon her own mother and grandfather is beyond understanding!

I now find myself the target of her lil twisted schemes again as she assassinates my character on Facebook assisted by what appears to be her new girlfriend, Stephanie Griffey, whom I’ve never met.

I have screen shots of all the posts and questionable content, made by these girls, including my other daughter Jessica Matheny, also on board (assisted by her husband Greg Bailey) the bandwagon.